General information

Phenotype ID: AT1P14954
Name: Growth rate (mg d-1) averaged over whole life cycle
Species: Arabidopsis thaliana
Dataset: 1001 Genomes Data
Variation Type: continuous
Number of accessions: 407
Category: growth
Phenotype scoring: Average growth rate during the whole life cycle (final dry mass / lifespan, mg d-1).
Source: Vasseur et al. (2018). Adaptive diversification of growth allometry in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115.13 (2018): 3416-3421.
Description: Vasseur et al. (2018). Image-based methods for phenotyping growth dynamics and fitness in Arabidopsis thaliana. bioRxiv, 208512.

Additional Meta Information

No additional meta information available

Phenotype Distribution


Shapiro-Wilk Test Statistic

The Shapiro-Wilk-Test tests the null hypothesis that the data was drawn from a normal distribution.



authorstitlepub yearjournalvolumepagesdoi
Fran├žois Vasseur et al.Adaptive diversification of growth allometry in the plantArabidopsis thaliana2018Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences1153416-342110.1073/pnas.1709141115