General information

Phenotype ID: AT1P2860
Name: bio2
Species: Arabidopsis thaliana
Dataset: 1001 Genomes Data
Variation Type: continuous
Number of accessions: 403
Category: climate
Phenotype scoring: Mean Diurnal Range (Mean of monthly (max temp - min temp), °C x10)
Source: Vasseur et al. (2018). Adaptive diversification of growth allometry in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115.13 (2018): 3416-3421.
Description: Bioclimatic variables are derived from the monthly temperature and rainfall values in order to generate more biologically meaningful variables. These are often used in species distribution modeling and related ecological modeling techniques. The bioclimatic variables represent annual trends (e.g., mean annual temperature, annual precipitation) seasonality (e.g., annual range in temperature and precipitation) and extreme or limiting environmental factors (e.g., temperature of the coldest and warmest month, and precipitation of the wet and dry quarters). A quarter is a period of three months (1/4 of the year).

Additional Meta Information

No additional meta information available

Phenotype Distribution


Shapiro-Wilk Test Statistic

The Shapiro-Wilk-Test tests the null hypothesis that the data was drawn from a normal distribution.



authorstitlepub yearjournalvolumepagesdoi
François Vasseur et al.Adaptive diversification of growth allometry in the plantArabidopsis thaliana2018Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences1153416-342110.1073/pnas.1709141115