Phenotype IDPhenotype NameScoringvariation type#Samples
AT_P_66At1 CFU2In planta bacterial growth (number of CFU / leaf area) of the P. viridiflava strain was individually measured as described in Goss and Bergelson 2006continuous175
AT_P_8Seed DormancyNumber of days of seed dry storage required to reach 50% germination, or DSDS50 value (Alonso-Blanco et al., 2003). The measurement for each genotype was calculated as the average value across all available replicatescontinuous83
AT_P_13Noco2All interactions were scored specifically on first true leaves as compatible, incompatible or intermediate depending on the consistency of presence / absence of sporangiophores determined on 5-10 seedlings of each genotype with three independent replicationsbinary87
AT_P_22Mn55Manganese concentrations in leaves, grown in soil. Elemental analysis was performed with an ICP-MS (PerkinElmer). Sample normalized to calculated weights as described in Baxter et al., 2008continuous93
AT_P_60FT Duration GHNumber of days between appearance of the first flower and the senescence of the last flowercontinuous147
AT_P_76DWLesioning measured by dry weightcontinuous95
AT_P_82LN22Plants were checked bi-weekly for presence of first buds, and the average leaf number at flowering time of 4 plants of the same accession were collectedcontinuous176